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Generation Z or Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind will live.


Global Finance (GF aka Global) is a private equity firm based in Greece, it is the undisputed regional leader in the sector and I had the privilege of working with them this July for a very short time.

In my time at Global I navigated the annoyingly diverse landscape of Greek accounting reports to identify and isolate interesting companies with potential for the Fund they are currently raising to invest in (for the readers that are not VC experts).

I very much enjoyed the critical and analytical aspect of the work, whilst the repetitive nature of scrolling through what seemed infinite pdf reports to cherry-pick data was at times dull.

Announcement / News

However, my placement was cut short after I was informed by Head of BA Acting (International), Zois Pigadas that my submission to the International Festival of New Work at East 15 Acting School was selected and that I had 2 more weeks for my final rewrites.

I must admit, I am beyond excited. Frightened. Scared. Those are synonyms indeed. But happy.

It is a play – exploration, of a contemporary youth, armed with degrees, carrying dreams and ambitions, crippled by self-doubt and anxiety and a very loud inner mouth. Unable to communicate, the central character, m – the protagonist, is shown within moments in life – high and low.

Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind will live; it will be firstly staged at the Corbett Theatre this November, directed by Eduardo Almeida, mentored by Jesse Briton, produced by Watmirsinn.

The cast will include Dominik Čičak, Claire Wilson, Liesl Jensen and Adrianna Pawlowska.

See you there.

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