TRUMP Inspiration?

In no way will I praise Donald Trump. Almost everything he stands for I oppose. His irrationality, and no sense of responsibility are two things that usually anger me in my daily life, when I encounter them, in any human – let alone a politician, a person elected to take responsibility and rationally approach affairs. But in a strange way, thanks to Donald J. Trump I feel further enabled to pursue my goals and ambition.

If anything, acting is a service, a calling. From a very young age I enjoyed standing in front of people, yes I love to act. But it is an inner sense of responsibility that creeped in, throughout my education, that I wanted to give back. I want to inspire the way I was inspired.

I always enjoyed acting because of the opportunity of storytelling, I always enjoyed watching films and theatre that inspired me, that alarmed me, that changed my opinion, that made me judge my intentions, that stimulated me, that triggered me to learn more about a new subject, like mental health (A Beautiful Mind), climate change, even at times redefining my purpose in life, over and over and over. Sometimes a piece of theatre made me realise I didn’t need to listen to the voices that told me to smile and laugh less.

The movie In Time for example made me realise I would do anything to strive for less economic inequality and the importance of morality when developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and lead me to reading the writings of Alexandre Laurent and watching the videos of the now gone but forever beloved Hans Rosling on AI development and statistics respectively.

What I perceive to be my good intentions, and my sense of social responsibility push me now more than ever to wanting to achieve my dream of being an actor, because when people like Donald J. Trump are in power, when men are still able to act like Harvey Weinstein, I want to find myself telling stories and creating films, with like-minded people who can carry themselves on and off screen, on and off stage.

If Trump is so full of himself, I need to believe in myself a little bit more, otherwise we let these hateful idiots with no sense of shame or duty advance into places of influence (from Politics to YouTube) and these people influence our younger generation in the worst possible ways.

It is mine, and your responsibility to follow our ambitions, if your intentions are good, if the causes you are fighting for are worthy, if you worry about the state of the world, if you care about climate change, if you think there are better solutions to combat poverty, if you don’t support war – to believe in ourselves, to work hard and achieve our goals, to find ourselves in positions where we can influence positive change to the world.

I want to do this through acting, because that’s what I enjoy, it makes me happy, keeps me sain most of the time and stable, sometimes (unlike some people who are President right now) and it’s important to be happy and okay with ourselves before we attempt to influence others. But do it.

We must all believe in ourselves. I think too much and then tend to doubt myself and my work – but we all have to work past this, and not allow those who don’t think nor doubt nor care to place themselves in the centre.

It is our foremost duty, to hear the call of responsibility and achieve in our dreams, to contribute to the world around us.


I wrote a very critical play, called Generation Z or Uncertainty of A Scattered Mind, that premiered at the Corbett Theatre last year, in 2017.

It follows a young idealistic individual plagued by anxiety and depression, criticizing the world around him as he sits back inactive, following none of his rules and ideals, experiencing loss and waking up to the fact his life must be lived.

Thank you for your messages, for those interested in reading it I made it available through Amazon on Kindle and Paperback through Watmirsinn Publishing.

So let’s live our lives to the fullest and believe in ourselves.