Christos Floros - Actor - Headshot by Chris Mann

EAST 15 Concludes

My time at East 15 is coming to an end. Very happy to be graduating with confidence in my skills and abilities as an actor. I have made a family of actors and creatives. Wrote my first play. Incorporated my architectural process into my acting. Grew up a lot.

CHATROOM was the last play we did at East 15, directed by (now) Mrs. Abigail Graham, who got married in between our rehearsals, to none other than our beloved Tom Hughes, also a director, who we worked with twice. The show was a success and I’m very thankful for the interest I have received from agents and directors and I can’t wait to for the adventure ahead.

Our showcase is on 14 June, and then we are done. (In fact we will be celebrating on 9 June at our Loughton Campus and my mother has sent me a traditional Greek Macedonian costume for me to wear.) This oddly feels like a diary entry. I recently finished reading a POWs diary, an amazing man who I will be voicing in a radio drama and I’m so – so honoured. Perhaps explains this post.

A reminder of my showreel

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