Sweet Madness, Alive and Choosing Happiness

I recently changed my Instagram and Twitter “bio’s” into “alive and choosing happiness”. It’s a new personal mantra of-sorts. Past my Generation Z writing days, past my insecurities, beyond the days of constant over-thinking about my place and contribution to the world. But it is not as if I’ve solved everything, rather I make it an active choice to try and appreciate that I’m alive and to choosing to be happy.

I also disconnected with many people on Facebook on an effort to prioritize non-digital, close relationships that get lost in the sea of facebook friends.

I have an amazing dog called Archy. She’s the best. I’ve wanted a dog my entire life and she’s the best partner, therapist and snuggler in the world (yes, she’s been places). Thanks to Zak George, The Dog Hub and Pupford Archy developped an amazing obedient and calm character from early on through wonderful training and she’s a great companion and schedule setter. Which means I wake up every morning before 8. Something I wouldn’t otherwise do. (Here’s Archy’s story)


I continue to work with my friend Loucas on music. We’ve improvised and written many songs. I love our iPhone recordings. When it comes to properly recording them I feel a little off, the moment’s gone – but with practice I’ll learn to record songs better. Here’s a video of an improv:

My BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING and TALENTED friend Ayesha got married to the most respectful and kind man in the world, David. I went to Sri Lanka to celebrate their love. That was a most beautiful adventure-trip-moment.

Oh and I went on a skiing trip with Mat Hood, listen to his music, Simonas Mozura, watch him on Lithuanian TV and Loucas, listen to our music?, at Loucas’ family chalet in South France. That was fun.

I write this in a rush, but I felt like sharing, for the other odd souls out there. Whatever.

Morgan and I are taking the dogs to the Heath.

Bye for now.

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