BREXIT – bye Britain

No Deal, No Fuss.

It’s about time the United Kingdom left the European Union on March 29th, 2019. Not on April 12th, not on May 22nd. It’s about time, so let’s get it over with. No Deal, No more Fuss.
Brexit is not the right thing to do, not for the UK, not for the EU and not for the world. But it is the will of the British people.
Perhaps the will of the British people should not be respected, because Parliament should protect the people from themselves and their ignorance. However it is clearly the will of the people and Theresa May and Nigel Farage and Jacob Rees Mogg are right about it. Confused yet?
Yes, 1 million people marched to Revoke Article 50 / Remain / Demand a second referendum.
Yes, more than 5 million people have signed a petition to ask Parliament to debate revoking Article 50.

Do you want the UK to Leave or Remain?

So in the last two years, the 16 million people who voted to Remain have been reduced to a million people march and a 5 million people petition. Where’s the rest?
Clearly, the will of the British people is to Leave.
(Excuse the capitalisation but Remain and Leave are used both as verbs and as their representations of what they mean.)
The EU is the future. The future of Europe and an inspiration for the world. The UK should be leading the EU into better days, as a wealthy and strong economy. The EU will need to develop in the years to come, evolve and transform itself. I have high hopes and ambitions for the EU. However I’m writing this about Brexit. And I’m trying to say, this is a VERY SIMPLE choice:

It’s not complicated.

Do you want the UK to Leave or Remain? If you want to Leave there’s a Deal (a Deal that lets you work on a Deal over the next 2 years) on the table, if you don’t like the Deal then you can leave without a Deal or you can Revoke Article 50.
These are the choices, get on with it. It’s getting tiring, this completely pointless political game. The EU27 (27 different countries vis-a-vis representing 27 different parliaments, governments etc. etc.) have been able to agree things faster than the one government of the UK.
I don’t have to explain why, there are plenty of books, articles, videos, expert interviews on Brexit, the negative effects on the UK economy, the positives of being an EU member, economically, culturally etc. etc., go find them if you’re interested, I think the UK should Remain in the EU. However, it’s not up to me.
So to this Useless Parliament: either save the people from themselves or submit to the will of the people and Brexit. It’s not complicated. You’re hurting everyone with this endless dragging.
Little final paragraph at the very bottom of this article.
Here’s what I’m currently listening to, cause why not, I’m cringing, but here we are:
Here are some comments, intellectuals having intelligent comments of course:

windmill The backstop was always just a trick and the government and MPs are full of them. They just bring another out the bag. We’re doomed . .

Tracey Bragg​ We are now, the laughing stock of the world

tin soldier​ democracy is dead

Jane Oxley​ May has been a weak PM, she should have taken advice from Farage at the time, and left EU almost immediately.

Laszlo Gyorik mogg just made 17.4 million enemies


Chris Robinson If we’re not democratic why vote at all



noun, for the UK
1.the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.
“the report warned that Brexit would reduce the EU’s potential GDP”


verb, for people in the UK

2.leaving the UK to go live anywhere else“I will Brexit to somewhere sunnier, maybe Italy.”




Let the UK Brexit in 2019.

Let Scotland become independent and join the EU and the euro currency.

Let Northern Ireland reunite with Ireland and be a part of the EU.

Let the UK rejoin the EU in a few years, join the euro and commit to the future of a stronger, more integrated EU.

The EU must survive, we must contribute to peace, prosperity, upholding the rule of law, sanity, compassion, shared values. The EU is our shared future.


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