REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News

Remember” is a recollective memoir of sorts, a work-in-progress of a larger piece of work, or part of the process – I’m not entirely sure either; but it’s available on Amazon as I have decided to be more open about my work and its drafts – and also it’s good to feel productive.

From the brief

If a picture is a thousand words then this is about half a million words worth of something. It’s an effort or perhaps a plea for you and I to remember. To remember the little things, the good things, the good things, the good things. Remember your friends, yes even the one you saw this morning. Remember him yesterday? Will you remember him tomorrow? Will you remember your weekend away in Paris? Your summer in Greece? The lights dazzling you in the morning when you woke up hangover at the beach? The first time you fell in love? The girl you dated a couple of years ago. The guy you liked but never told? Will you remember yourself? I tend to forget. And I’m so desperately scared of forgetting…

…I’ve already forgotten most of my life. Thoughts and facts surrounding current and past events, current affairs, historical facts, celebrity details, they seem to be forever stuck in our heads, perhaps on yours too, but life – my life – life escapes me, it escapes us all. This is something. Something for me, for you. Maybe something that will help you remember. Maybe.

In other news


I am now represented by Alain Van Goethem who recently started his own client list – I have worked with Alain before and I trust him and I look forward to working with him, so please contact him regarding casting enquiries (See CV).


I am currently deciding whether to continue living in London full time or moving to mainland Europe, back at home in LXB or in Greece. Currently back in Luxembourg with Archy (who is loving it!) to take some time off.





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