Black Lives Matter

Another video of a black man being murdered on the street has surfaced. His name was George Floyd. Soon he will join a long list of statistics instead of living his life.

#BlackLivesMatter #Racism #GeorgeFloyd

A country where police brutality, and especially against black men, is now a daily routine of its corrupt and racist police force should not be a country flaunting its greatness.

When I was growing up the States was the country to look up to. Unfortunately the US is now a failing country. You can list down your achievements, you can tell me everything that’s great about your country but there’s s nothing you can say to defend your record on this.

Black Lives Matter. And it is a shame that we still have to say that in 2020, instead of reading it in a history book.

A murderer, who was also a police officer, killing George Floyd.

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