Christos Calls Candidates

You’re a candidate and want to reach potential voters?

Thanks to the incredible interest and support of thousands of our fellow citizens and residents, I have been given a platform and a certain recognisability in Luxembourg. When I get stopped on the street, people usually ask me “who should I vote for?”. I always tell them it’s their choice.

Now I want to share my platform with you, to help you make your case to voters. This is not an interview with a newspaper or a confrontational debate . It’s a platform to present yourself. I am happy to that you are interested in speaking to voters on my platform in a language that can reach more people. If you promise Lamborghini’s for everyone, I won’t challenge you, but I trust voters will know that may be reaching too far.

This is an effort for inclusive political discussion, and I appreciate you being here.

I have TIME SLOTS for you to book, and you will give me information about you to prepare for our call.

I reserve the right to alter our Call time, but will always attempt to communicate very early in advance.


  • Agreed Call Time: I start an Instagram LIVE and introduce you
  • Agreed Call Time: +1 Minute, I invite you to the call on Instagram, you accept and join
  • [20 to 30 Minutes] we speak (Our total audience during the call will be in the 100’s)
  • We end the call, I will prepare the copy and upload to instagram and invite you as a collaborator, it’s important that you accept so that people can quickly identify who you are.
  • The Spotify Podcast is available on the same day, later in the day.

Here’s what we’re going to do

We’ll talk about you

Who you are, and what you’re bringing forward. Your motivation for running.

We’ll talk vision

What you and your party want to achieve, and

We’ll talk about your party

You will have the time to make the case for your party, in your local commune, and why you’ve organised within it.

You’ll answer questions

We’ll have our call LIVE on Instagram. If someone asks a question it’s about to you to decide if you want to answer it or not 🙂 There’s no editing and no hiding!

Ready to make your politics more inclusive?