COMMONS – The Fall of Constantinople (Brexit and the EU)

COMMONS I want to talk about democracy, global affairs, the EU and Brexit and civics. So here we go: THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE, BREXIT AND THE EU The Byzantine civil war of 1341–47 exhausted Constantinople. The consequences of a series of conflicts proved disastrous for the Byzantine Empire. The infighting made the Empire weaker and more… Continue reading COMMONS – The Fall of Constantinople (Brexit and the EU)

Am I – An Actor?

Christos Floros - Shots by Meurigh Marshall

Having trained as an actor at drama school for three intense years makes me an actor. It must be so. Having appeared in a few short and feature films must make me an actor. It has to be so. Auditioning for Casting Directors and having an agent must mean that I am indeed an actor.… Continue reading Am I – An Actor?