COMMONS – Athens, Greece – Urbanistic Vision for the City’s survival

I've long thought that Athens (Greece) is a beautiful, multi-layered, culture-filled, vibrant city. Much of this love-affair with Athens begins in my youth and the excitement I found in the chaos and total madness of the city. However, ever since I was very young, I imagined drawing lines across the concrete landscape of Athens to… Continue reading COMMONS – Athens, Greece – Urbanistic Vision for the City’s survival

REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News

"Remember" is a recollective memoir of sorts, a work-in-progress of a larger piece of work, or part of the process - I'm not entirely sure either; but it's available on Amazon as I have decided to be more open about my work and its drafts - and also it's good to feel productive. From the… Continue reading REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News