Aeroplane – Leon of Athens Modern love is an exchange Our young hearts in close range No light shines in this age Your love is my cage I better start, I better start running I better start, I better start running even if I can't escape your love is like an aeroplane going down then flying high you take… Continue reading Aeroplane – Leon of Athens

ARCO DEUM – Live from the Garden Series

Christos Floros with Loucas Bretz (ARCO DEUM) Live performance at the GARDEN in Luxembourg. Performing HIGHER HOPES by Arco Deum.

We recently recorded 3 songs, including HIGHER HOPES and AVALANCHE for our Live from the Garden Series. We both hope you enjoy it! For ARCO DEUM related enquiries please contact use the contact form at For acting and casting enquiries please contact: JACK & JILL TALENT AGENT Reinier Claeszenstraat 5-1, Amsterdam 1056… Continue reading ARCO DEUM – Live from the Garden Series