My relationship with architecture

I enjoy creating spaces, my favourite medium being sketching, hand drawing and digital 3D modelling. Studying architecture taught me a few things: have a process, respect the process, accept that you will fail, over and over.

It’s a way of thinking about space, material, volume, people and their interaction, among other things. Designing a spoon, a building, or a city requires the conception of a logic, it requires setting aims and being very critical of yourself and your work along the way as you strive to improving and reimagining the final product.

Using architecture to inform other disciplines

Loucas and I will lead the creation of Studio XL, to bridge design, urban planning and sustainable R&D and that’s all I can share for now.

Because of how structured design requires a process to be, not only in terms of work but also in terms of how you present your work – it informs almost everything else I approach. From producing theatre, to creating marketing strategies or engaging communities for a cause.