Where does your story of “putting stuff on the internet” begin? Mine begins with dial-up connections, horribly plain html websites and limited design and font options. My nightmare. The internet connected us in ways we never could connect before, and it allowed people from all over the world to connect, instantly. When used creatively and meaningfully we can create amazing things with it. Facebook is an example. I began blogging under different nicknames that I don’t even remember. At the age of 17 I started to give meaning to my actions.


Opinion by young people and students. Wordscover began as my first structured online journal at (a play on words cover me). Events in 2011 and 2012 inspired to write more on current affairs and approaching political subjects. Wordscover  developed into a platform for students and young, motivated people. It is here to empower people like you to write articles on their field of studies, their interests and raise their voice and opinion. It is a collaborative project undergoing restructuring and we are currently inviting people to come forward with new ideas about its future. Wordscover has been read over 150000 times. wordscover


The economic crisis of 2008 hit Europe and its nations deeper than just their economy. It hit society and it affected people’s mindsets. I took to Twitter with the handle @beingEuropean, along with Wordscover to write about the EU, raise pro-unity voices and spread the message that a united Europe is a wealthier Europe, a bigger player in the world and can play a more important role in International Politics and International Aid. Currently Inactive.


Imagescover is a selective, photographic online blog. The idea of sharing pictures and displaying them in beautiful ways is not one I had exclusively. Then came Instagram, so Imagescover receives less of my attention at the moment. imagescover