Christos Floros in conversation with Alison Steadman OBE


I’m always excited to pursue new endeavours, tackling new and old challenges.

My relationship with architecture

Studying architecture taught me a few things: have a process, respect the process, accept that you will fail, over and over.

It’s a way of thinking about space, material, volume, people and their interaction, among other things. Designing a spoon, a building, or a city requires the conception of a logic, it requires setting aims and being very critical of yourself and your work along the way as you strive to improving and reimagining the final product.

Using architecture to inform other disciplines

Because of how structured design requires a process to be, not only in terms of work but also in terms of how you present your work – it informs almost everything else I approach. From producing theatre, to creating marketing strategies or engaging communities for a cause.

These are the things I have worked on most recently.

Supervising Producer of the International Festival of New Work (IF).

Co-Production & Consulting on multiple stage shows that will open during the Summer of 2018 in Edinburgh (Fringe) and in London during August and November (multiple venues and shows) and Branding for the inaugural Springboard Festival in July, in Tottenham.


Producer of the International Festival of New Work (IF). I was selected to oversee the production of the second annual IF. My main objectives, to grow the festival artistically and increase its revenue.

Producer of 10 Short Films for the BA Acting (International) Class of 2018. Working closely with director Marcus D. F. White, cast and crew.


Social Media Marketing at East 15 Acting School, University of Essex. Planned for the set up of social network accounts, created strategies and implemented them to engage with the school community and reach a wider audience of prospective students.

Actoring a student society inspired by wanting to bring a culture of debating and writing as well as inviting Guest Speakers for Q&A’s to complement the education at East 15. The pay-for-membership, society had amassed over a third of students on campus within its first months of existence.

Writing “Uncertainty of the Scattered Mind” is my first written play. I am currently working on my second play.

Watmirsinn is a production company set up to produce creative projects I am involved with.


Production Funding I lead a crowdfunding campaign for the production of Three Sisters (Anton Chekhov) by the artists of the New York-Athens Acting Studio.


Wordscover was a student-run website I founded in my first year in Oxford, with collaborators from more than 10 countries around the world offering political and current-affairs opinion. It ran as a side-project for 5 years.