Looking Forward, Living Now

It’s been a rocky period of time, the last year. I’ve had highs (yep.) and lows, deep lows, hanging with Gollum, wondering, judging, myself and my precious (idea of how to live my life).

Recently with a better food intake schedule and more regular exercise things are going to shape up better. They already feel better.

I’m auditioning. Writing – a lot! And I’m, as always, watching Colbert and awaiting the return of Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.

I’m spending some time in Greece and some time in Luxembourg. The Greek weather is definetely a winner, but Luxembourg is a lot more diverse, you hear so many more languages spoken every day, the place is gorgeous – it wins. Suck it Athens. Seriously, suck something, lose some of that ugly excess concrete and build some parks.

Photographic Diary

Luxembourg to Athens on Aegean Airlines

Christos Floros

Christos Floros