Christos Floros is a European creative from Luxembourg.

Christos grew up in Luxembourg and attended the European School. His love for Luxembourg City led him to pursuing studies in architecture in Oxford and Luxembourg.

He is passionate about democracy and politics, and about communicating openly and with respect, making use of digital (social) mediums.

An actor and an architect through his training, he works with RTL in Luxembourg covering news and politics, and improving storytelling and communication (UI, UX and Editorial).


Growing up as an immigrant in Luxembourg in the 90’s, Christos experienced multiple worlds and cultures. His parental family was far away, but he had a multicultural and multilingual family, through his neighbours.

At the European School he was known as a friendly figure and performed in school plays. He served as President of the Pupils’ Committee, and was always available and at the service of the students.


Christos studied at the School of Architecture at Oxford Brookes University and became a member of the Oxford Union. While studying, he founded a political blog called ‘Wordscover‘ for students and young adults, where he enabled commentary and opinion on current affairs. During his bachelor studies he also took an introduction to International Relations at Harvard, in the US.

He then moved to London and trained as an actor. In 2017 he was seen for the first time on the London stage at the Arcola Theatre in the company of Richard III and in his first authored play, Generation Z or Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind at the Corbett Theatre.

He continued his studies in architecture, European urbanisation and globalisation in Luxembourg.

He worked throughout all of his studies, on and off, in Sales for Abecrombie and Fitch in London, in Private Banking in Luxembourg, in Private Equity in Greece, for architecture practices, as a Student Ambassador and in Marketing and Communications, as well as in theatre production.


Author ofGeneration Z: Or Uncertainty of a Scattered MindRemember

As an actor, some of the films I have participated inFlorence Foster JenkinsMemory HelmetFermataOne Third

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