Christos Floros shot by Chris Mann

Christos Floros is a European creative from Luxembourg, a trained actor and architect and a community organiser.

Christos grew up in Luxembourg and attended the European School. His love for Luxembourg City led him to pursuing studies in architecture in Oxford and Luxembourg. From an early age, he wanted to understand the forces that were shaping and changing the beloved city of his youth.

He is passionate about Luxembourg City, tackling the Climate crisis, about bringing people together, and has always been very proud to be from Luxembourg, as much as he is happy to be Greek and European. He lives in the city with his dog Archy, where he spends his time juggling his personal life, and envisioning an improved future for the city, the country and the world.



Growing up as an immigrant in Luxembourg in the 90’s, Christos experienced multiple worlds and cultures. His parental family was far away, but he had a multicultural and multilingual family, through his neighbours. 

His Greek parents, taught him to speak Greek, but his first schooling was done in French, at the Mini College in the old village of Kirchberg. His parents were both very active members of the Greek community and Christos would go on to perform in plays with the Greek theatre community of Luxembourg.

He was always very close to his Portuguese neighbours, Mr and Mrs. Bento, who treated him like family. Mr Bento taught Christos everything to do with gardening and growing plants, vegetables and fruit in the garden, and taking care of animals.

He is very close to his Luxembourgish neighbours, and his neighbour, friend and dentist, Dr. Lasota, a French woman of Polish origins, remains one of his closest family friends. Having attended the European School, many of his childhood friends and friends of the family were Europeans from Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Sweden and Denmark, but also many more places.

At the European School he was known as a friendly figure and performed in school plays. He served as President of the Pupils’ Committee, and was always available and at the service of the students.



Christos studied architecture in Oxford, and became a member of the Oxford Union, graduating with a thesis focused on the transformation of Kirchberg from farmland to a political and financial centre. While a student in Oxford, he founded a political blog called ‘Wordscover’ for young adults, and also took an introduction to International Relations at Harvard, in the US, for a summer semester.

He then moved to London and trained as an actor. In 2017 he was seen for the first time on the London stage at the Arcola Theatre in the company of Richard III and in his first authored play, Generation Z or Uncertainty of a Scattered Mind at the Corbett Theatre. He continued his studies in architecture, European urbanisation and globalisation at the University of Luxembourg.

He worked throughout all of his studies, on and off, for Abecrombie and Fitch in London for 4 years, interned in Private Banking, in Private Equity, worked for architecture practices, as a Student Ambassador and Marketing Consultant. From 2016 to 2018 he co-produced the International Festival of New Work at East 15, multiple short films, and plays in the UK and Greece.



As a first-generation Luxembourger, Christos feels very strongly about protecting the Luxembourgish identity that already exists, but also about all of us coming together, to form a new kind of Luxembourgish identity.

As our population’s diversity keeps increasing, we need to find ways to be inclusive, not only accepting. We need to find ways to come together as one Luxembourgish nation, with multiple languages and cultures, but with a sense of belonging to and coming from Luxembourg.

He is involved in multiple communities and projects in Luxembourg, was a volunteer for the Ministry of Health during the initial stages of the Covid pandemic and briefly contributed to the Luxembourg In Transition project with the University of Luxembourg that aims to deliver tangible proposals for the ecological transition of our country.


Author ofGeneration Z: Or Uncertainty of a Scattered MindRemember

As an actor, some of the films I have participated inFlorence Foster JenkinsMemory HelmetFermataOne Third

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