COMMONS – Athens, Greece – Urbanistic Vision for the City’s survival

I've long thought that Athens (Greece) is a beautiful, multi-layered, culture-filled, vibrant city. Much of this love-affair with Athens begins in my youth and the excitement I found in the chaos and total madness of the city. However, ever since I was very young, I imagined drawing lines across the concrete landscape of Athens to… Continue reading COMMONS – Athens, Greece – Urbanistic Vision for the City’s survival

REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News

"Remember" is a recollective memoir of sorts, a work-in-progress of a larger piece of work, or part of the process - I'm not entirely sure either; but it's available on Amazon as I have decided to be more open about my work and its drafts - and also it's good to feel productive. From the… Continue reading REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News

COMMONS – The Fall of Constantinople (Brexit and the EU)

COMMONS Today I'm starting COMMONS. A new series (I hope) of articles related to my interest in current affairs and politics. I want to talk about democracy, global affairs, the EU and Brexit and civics. So here we go: THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE, BREXIT AND THE EU The partition of the Roman Empire didn't work… Continue reading COMMONS – The Fall of Constantinople (Brexit and the EU)

BREXIT – bye Britain

No Deal, No Fuss. It's about time the United Kingdom left the European Union on March 29th, 2019. Not on April 12th, not on May 22nd. It's about time, so let's get it over with. No Deal, No more Fuss. Brexit is not the right thing to do, not for the UK, not for the… Continue reading BREXIT – bye Britain