A conversation with Colette Flesch

Watch on RTL PLAY Colette Flesch, was the first woman to become mayor of Luxembourg City in 1970. The politician discusses her life and work, and immigration in Luxembourg. Colette Flesch is a former member of the Chamber of Deputies, former MEP, and former Olympic athlete. In this pilot episode of Conversations with Christos, they… Continue reading A conversation with Colette Flesch

Why I’m building a TV Show

Christos Floros

https://open.spotify.com/episode/21ppGLSv1AMMmLNjIfuIoE?si=a30af88f5bfe4ad5 Well, it's 8 minutes to midnight on December 5th 2022. I've spent the last few hours building a podcast, to enable me to share a long essay in audio format... to announce that I'm building a video podcast / TV show with RTL here in Luxembourg. Christos Floros (left) with his 'Brother' Alex (centre)… Continue reading Why I’m building a TV Show

Why Talks of An American Civil War Should Concern Us

More than 40% of Americans think a civil war is likely within a decade, it probably won’t happen, but we are already paying the price of US division. While you're here, you can choose to read this on RTL Today. Four in ten Americans believe that a civil war is likely in the next 10 years, and… Continue reading Why Talks of An American Civil War Should Concern Us

Weekly Recap: Luxembourg’s increasingly warm and dry climate, Taiwan & China

A new weekly recap for RTL Today, sharing here as a preview, read the full Recap on RTL. Photo by Dylan Leagh on Pexels.com 1. Luxembourg will experience more heatwaves and droughts in the future. On Monday morning, climatologist Andrew Ferrone was a guest on RTL Radio where he said average temperatures are expected to continue… Continue reading Weekly Recap: Luxembourg’s increasingly warm and dry climate, Taiwan & China

Everything and Anything, all at once

Do you have the time to listen to me whine about everything and anything all at once? If you feel like singing this sentence out loud, it is because I’m paraphrasing it from Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’, a song released in 1994, a year after I was born but before the internet became what it is… Continue reading Everything and Anything, all at once

Together for Luxembourg

Christos Floros at the European Parliament

Moien, I’m Christos, I think its time I spoke to you directly. I love Luxembourg and our beautiful City, and I want to make sure it works for all of us. We are diverse and international. Whether you are Luxembourgish with many generations before you, or you grew up here, you have become a citizen,… Continue reading Together for Luxembourg