Virus #BlackLivesMatter #RacismPandemic 'Now, imagine that this virus spreads so effectively because a large number of people who get it—perhaps even a majority of the people who get it—are asymptomatic carriers. Spreading it in ignorance of it. Me. You. Us. We know now. We can't not know, unless we decide not to.' 'We've arrived a… Continue reading Virus

Public Healthcare This is my second Letter to America, following the murder of George Floyd. Unfortunately since then, more people have died at the hands of police, so let’s start this by repeating that Black Lives Matter. Today I want to talk about the importance of keeping this conversation going, to continue supporting the BLM movement,… Continue reading Public Healthcare

Patriot Act is Back with Hasan   He's back with an analytical look at the financial crisis looming because of COVID19 by looking at the interconnectedness of the economy from the perspective of something as simple as rent; the difficulties many Americans and humans of other nationalities around the world are about to face and people or rather entities/companies ready… Continue reading Patriot Act is Back with Hasan