Tomorrow Belongs to a Better World, I hope Through these difficult times, I hope you all are safe. Many friends and colleagues and I are chatting on and off (digitally of course, I'm isolated at home in Luxembourg) and we're all hoping that the future will bring better days. I am alarmed by the situation in the USA, a President who talks… Continue reading Tomorrow Belongs to a Better World, I hope

REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News

"Remember" is a recollective memoir of sorts, a work-in-progress of a larger piece of work, or part of the process - I'm not entirely sure either; but it's available on Amazon as I have decided to be more open about my work and its drafts - and also it's good to feel productive. From the… Continue reading REMEMBER – Now on Amazon & Other News

BREXIT – bye Britain

No Deal, No Fuss. It's about time the United Kingdom left the European Union on March 29th, 2019. Not on April 12th, not on May 22nd. It's about time, so let's get it over with. No Deal, No more Fuss. Brexit is not the right thing to do, not for the UK, not for the… Continue reading BREXIT – bye Britain