Building Kirchberg

Kirchberg, Luxembourg in 1980

Kirchberg is the physical manifestation of Luxembourg’s international ambitions. Understanding the history of Kirchberg is crucial, as we try to understand how our City plans our lives and our future. It represents the shift for Luxembourg’s dependency on the steel economy, to a service economy. Over the now 60 years of development, Kirchberg is still… Continue reading Building Kirchberg

COMMONS – The Fall of Constantinople (Brexit and the EU)

COMMONS I want to talk about democracy, global affairs, the EU and Brexit and civics. So here we go: THE FALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE, BREXIT AND THE EU The Byzantine civil war of 1341–47 exhausted Constantinople. The consequences of a series of conflicts proved disastrous for the Byzantine Empire. The infighting made the Empire weaker and more… Continue reading COMMONS – The Fall of Constantinople (Brexit and the EU)