Kirchberg, Luxembourg in 1980

Building Kirchberg

Kirchberg is the physical manifestation of Luxembourg’s international ambitions.

Understanding the history of Kirchberg is crucial, as we try to understand how our City plans our lives and our future. It represents the shift for Luxembourg’s dependency on the steel economy, to a service economy.

Over the now 60 years of development, Kirchberg is still not a successful urbanisation project. The vision has changed a lot through these 6 decades, making its development incoherent.

In the last 15 years the Fonds de Kirchberg @fonds_kirchberg has re-evaluated a lot of the mistakes of the past, and we hope to deliver a Kirchberg that works, for itself, and as part of the City of Luxembourg @villedeluxembourg , to increase the quality of life of its residents, and increase density and services within the Quartier.

This Instagram post is a retrospective and first-look into Kirchberg before, now and tomorrow (and the challenges we face)

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Kirchberg before and after.