CHATROOM at the Tristan Bates Theatre

Christos will appear alongside Liesl Jensen and Eva Ditzelmüller in Enda Walsh’s CHATROOM directed by Abigail Graham. This is his last show as part of his 3 years at East 15 Acting School.

  • CHATROOM by Enda Walsh
  • MAY 31 to JUNE 2
  • Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre

Christos will be leading this cast along Liesl. He is playing William and Liesl is playing Jim. The full cast includes Dominik Cicak as Jack, who he played with in November in Generation Z, Magdalena Skerencak as Emily and Roze Elisa as Laura.

Information on the Tristan Bates Theatre website:

Recently, Simon Stephens, called the Class of 2018 “an inspiring bunch of groovy fuckers” after seeing them in a dress rehearsal of his play THREE KINGDOMS with director Tom Hughes calling the class “brave and fearless” – so all of the ensemble is looking forward to enjoying the project and making the most of the last show.

In other news, with ARCO DEUM, a new release – a new song two weeks ago as a response to America’s unhealthy relationship with guns. It’s called AVALANCHE and it’s on Spotify.

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