THREE KINGDOMS by Simon Stephens

We, the INTS at East 15, are currently working with an insane dude and brilliant director called Tom Hughes on a play called THREE KINGDOMS. Tom’s method of working is fucking fun. His rehearsal space is epic. I finally feel free to work, to own my own, within the parameters of the play. A freedom partly bestowed upon us by the playwright, Simon Stephens, who, in conversation, when I asked him about how he felt on altering and reshaping his work, he differentiated himself from a novelist, saying he feels very much like a theatre maker, who gives the starting point to a larger creative exploration. That, being the role of the playwright. A word he also etymologically explained.

Improvised nightmare scene out of nowhere, during the break.

So far, every day of rehearsal, we dance, and sing, and create and explore.

The picture above was taken by Tongchai O. Hansen, our AD and fellow INT of 2018, who will be documenting our process on his personal blog. So, head over to Tongchai’s to read his journal!

Meeting Simon was an absolute joy, I love meeting people who are passionate about their work, and he is a very charismatic person. He offered us very interesting comments and opinions on theatre, working on a play and his own methods. I left that meeting entirely inspired and motivated to work, and now, I’m hoping this inspiration can stay with me, as motivation and self-confidence can always fluctuate.

In other news, Higher Hopes has been slightly delayed, but still streamlined for release this month.

Featured Image: Christos Floros, Tom Hughes and Simon Stephens (left to right) (c) Tongchai O. Hansen