Happy New Reel

Christos Floros - Actor

https://youtu.be/1ywygQYIPNc Happy New Year a fresh look at my showreel with a new scene from GRENFELL. Shot some beautiful things in 2018 that are not in this but you can find the full versions of other things online ❤


GRENFELL – Still Frames

Christos Floros in GRENFELL (Still Frame)

Still frames from GRENFELL, shot by Will Austin. Premise: Chris and Eddie are lovers who both intern for the Party. Eddie has decided to put his career ahead of the morals and ethics that first brought them together back at Cambridge.

CALL MY AGENT – Ines de Vos

Christos Floros shot by star photographer Stefano Samio. Christos Floros is an actor from Europe, Greece and Luxembourg.

I am very happy to announce that moving on onwards, after I graduate, Ines de Vos at JACK & JILL TALENT will be representing me. I graduate from East 15 this July and I am very excited to be joining this incredible team that represents international talent. I couldn't resist. 10% or Call My Agent… Continue reading CALL MY AGENT – Ines de Vos

EAST 15 Concludes

Christos Floros - Actor - Headshot by Chris Mann

My time at East 15 is coming to an end. Very happy to be graduating with confidence in my skills and abilities as an actor. I have made a family of actors and creatives. Wrote my first play. Incorporated my architectural process into my acting. Grew up a lot. CHATROOM was the last play we… Continue reading EAST 15 Concludes